Sonic Systems International
"A Powerful Part of Your Team"

Sonic Systems International provides a full range of Refuel and Reactor Maintenance Services for PWR and BWR reactors

Our trained and certified Project Managers, Technical Directors, IVVI Level IIs and IIIs, Reactor Services, CRD and UV Technicians and Engineering staff service an average of thirty-five outages annually, worldwide. SSI’s wide-ranging support of customer operations includes:

  • In-vessel fuel movement and core alteration
  • Reactor vessel assembly, disassembly, and reassembly
  • In-vessel Visual Inspection (IVVI) examinations and automated inspection
  • Control Rod Drive (CRD) rebuild and exchange services
  • Boiling Water Reactor/Pressurized Water Reactor (BWR/PWR) refueling floor operations
  • Cask operations and fuel movement of dry cask storage units